Please watch this short video to learn how to access Ashram.

Here's what's next


Receive your login details

Look for an email from me containing your access details to "Ashram", the digital studio where all my classes are stored.

The subject line of that email should be:

[ACCESS] Your login details are inside!

If you already have an Ashram account, please use the login details you received in the past, or reset your password. find the login link at the bottom of this page.


Receive your invoice

You'll also get an email with your receipt. Just in case you need it.


Access your purchase

My yoga classes and bundles are stored inside "Ashram" - my digital yoga studio.

Please login using the button below to access your purchase and begin practicing with me.

Need help?

If you need help or having trouble accessing your program, reach out to me and my team through the email: support@ashramapp.com

We're here to help ❤️